Our aims is to develop South Asian cultural awareness including preservation and propagation of Indian languages, dance, music and art  


The schools have been established by South Asian Australian Association Incorporated, which aims at developing S outh Asian cultural awareness including preservation and propagation of Indian languages , Dance, Music and Art . 
We also teach Hindi to children from non - Hindi background s . Currently we have many students learning Hindi at our school who have never been exposed to Hindi language at home and at school. We run separate classes for non - Hindi background speakers and it is running successfully .
South Asian Hindi School aims at imparting quality education according to children aged between 5 and 16 years to develop their ability to read, write speak and understand Hindi . We also teach Hindi to adults who want to learn and currently we have few adults who are regularly attending lessons.
We are committed to provide quality education in native languages.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HindiSchool2216


Maximum class size will be 20 students
Classes will be of seven different levels, according to student ability.
Students will be assessed in their first lesson to determine the current level of ability in reading, writing, speaking and speaking so as to place students in their ability grouping within a given class.
Students from non - Hindi background will be given special attention and will be taught in separate classes, especially when doing listening and speaking .
Teaching and learning strategies will include one to one assistance, small group learning, collaboration and Peer learning.


The South Asian Hindi School is managed by the executive committee of South Asian Australian Association.
Ms Madhulika Roy 
School Principal and Public Officer
 Mr Abhijeet Das
Assistant Treasurer
 Mr Shamit Paul 
Vice President, SAAA 

Ms Anuradha Bagwe
Assistant secretary

Mrs Ritu Hinduja
President, South Asian Australian Association. 
 Ms Aarti Salunke 
Treasurer and Secretary, SAAA 
 Mr Sameer Ambegaonkar
Parent Representative and executive member 
 Budgeting Sub-Committee is made Management Committee and also parent representatives.

Children will  be assisted and advised with normal academic and co-curricular needs. 

SAAA Hindi School Kogarah has been established in response to the needs of first and second generation migrants residing in and around St George area in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Similarly Indian School Parramatta is established in response to similar needs in Western Suburbs in Sydney, Australia. Children of first generation migrants growing up in Australia are usually able to speak and communicate in their parent’s first language in their early years before commencing primary school. 
With the start of the formal school education in Australian school environment, the children from other language backgroundsgradually become less confident in communicating in their first language. Furthermore, lack of structured learning of Hindi language does not provide opportunity to these children to develop or maintain their background or second language. We also teach Hindi to children from non-Hindi backgrounds.

Following classes are run on every Sunday during NSW School Term

Hindi  Classes : 10:00am - 12:00noon

Yoga (For students & Parents) : 9:30am - 10:00am

Yoga and Bollywood (For Parents) : 10:00am - 11:00am

Student dance groups : 11:30am - 12:30pm                    

For Katthak & Bharatnatyam classes contact us on  0427090724


Enrolment form need to be completed online: 


The School fee is A$50 per term. The fee will be A$70 per term for a family if there are more than one children from the same family. Fees can be paid directly through back transfer into school account. Please put your child’s name in the reference. 

Account Name: South Asian Australian Association Incorporated 

BSB: 012310 (ANZ Kogarah Branch) 

Acc No: 217072881 


Madhulika Roy

Kogarah Branch

M:  0427090724 



Mail:  info@southasian.org.au  

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